1.) I come from a small family with huge hearts; I was raised by THE most generous humans!

2.) My two ill-behaved rescue pups are my pride and joy.

3.) I got married in torrential downpours after a pandemic postponement, so I'm ready for whatever challenge may come our way on YOUR day!

4.) Fruit is my favorite, and peaches are my favorite fruit. 

5.) I live for the summertime, aka PEACH SEASON!! (See above.)

6.) I played roller hockey for 10 years.

7.) I looked like Yoda as a baby. Ask for photos and thank me later.

8.) My great-great-great uncle wrote The Night Before Christmas!

9.) I wanted to be a tattoo artist growing up; I'd draw on myself & my friends with henna and jagua ink for fun.

10.) My favorite colors are emerald green and Bud Light blue. 

10 Fun facts about me: 

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses