Favorite Spots for Photoshoots in RVA

Wondering where we should meet for photos around Richmond, VA? The good news is that we have no shortage of gorgeous, public, FREE places for pictures with a variety of views to fit any vibe. The bad news is…. the options can overwhelm you if you’re indecisive!

I’ve compiled a list of well-loved shoot locations below. I’ve tried to keep it short & sweet and include details to help narrow down. But trust me, there’s more where these came from! If this list isn’t doing it for you, let me know. I’ve got more ideas up my sleeve.

If you already had a place in mind that’s not one of my usuals, I’d love to explore a new spot with you! If it’s a privately owned location, I’ll make sure they don’t require a permit, fee, or reservation for photographers. (For example, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens requires a fee and a reservation. This information is typically listed on the location’s website.)

P.S. – ALL of the spots below are dog-friendly!!

Libby Hill Park

The View: Arguably the best view in the city! You get the Richmond city skyline, cobblestone paths, the James River in the distance, beautiful flowers, fountains, trees, etc. There’s also steps, grass and benches for sit-and-snuggle type of shots. AND, we’re in Church Hill, so a walk around the charming streets almost makes it look like we’ve teleported to Georgetown, DC!

Challenges to consider: This is basically everyone’s favorite spot. If you’re nervous about other people watching you during your session, or if you want to bring along pups that get easily distracted, this may not be the best setting for us.

The Capitol

The View: A clean, bright white building nestled within the city skyline. Lots of steps to sit and snuggle on, grand columns, and cool blue doors with interesting details. In warmer seasons, there are beautiful flowers lining either side the steps that attract butterflies galore!

Challenges to consider: It gets dark here quicker than other spots as the sun hides behind high rise buildings, so we should plan for a shoot slightly earlier than sunset if you’re hoping for that “golden hour” glow. ALSO, around Christmas there’s a ginormous tree in the front of the building. Can be a bit of an eyesore.

Joseph Bryan Park

The View: Lots of trees (AMAZING leaves in the fall), walking paths (great for dogs!), cool brick shelters that make for interesting back drops, and benches to sit and snuggle on.
Challenges to consider:
The South of the James Farmers Market recently moved here, so we should definitely avoid it on Saturday mornings during warmer seasons.

Belle Isle

(SHAMELESS ENGAGEMENT PHOTO PLUG. These shots are actually of me and my fiance, taken by Remy Photos :). She’s the most sweet, silly, ambitious, organized, experienced wedding photographer and I can’t recommend her enough! Peep her Instagram.) 

The View: The James river!!, woods, tall grass that photographs beautifully, and the skyline if we venture out onto the rocks when the water level isn’t too high!
Challenges to consider:
It’s a bit of a walk from where we’ll park to get across the river. I wouldn’t recommend this for maternity clients who are far along in their pregnancy, or anyone with a disability that might find the trek tiring or frustrating.

Rocketts Landing 

The View: Water, skyline in the distance, and trees across the river!
Challenges to consider:
Hard to think of any! Unless you’re bringing pups and your dog is triggered by bikes; this spot is along the Capital Bike Trail, so you’ll see a lot of those.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) 

The View: A little bit of everything! Magnolia trees, flowers, classic architecture/columns, sculptures. Not to mention – walking distance to adorable row houses and sweet Richmond city streets.
Challenges to consider: 
Very minimal cons to this spot. If you have a hard time finding free street parking, they have a garage on site you can pay a small fee to park in!

ANY Mural!

The View: A beautiful, colorful masterpiece! 
Challenges to consider:
Depending on the location of the mural and proximity to the street, it can sometimes be tricky to get the whole mural in the shot, or to avoid cars. Let’s plan ahead so I have adequate time to scout the area ahead of our shoot date and see what we’re working with.

Ready to book a shoot with me in one of these locations!? Let’s do it! Simply fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch ASAP 🙂

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